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QR-Code Reader
3.5 Inch Touchscreen

Enhanced Performance
Reduced Footprint

3.5 Inch Touchscreen

  • Ultra Slim (28.5 mm)
  • 4G, WiFi, BlueTooth, LAN, Serial, USB
  • Speaker / proximity sensor

Pin Entry

  • Supports PIN entry
  • PCI PTS 6.x Certified
  • Secure Customer Authentication (SCA)


  • Create your Application
  • Product Promotion
  • Corporate Branding
  • Receipts via QR-codes

Always Connected

    • 4G
    • GPS
    • WiFi
    • BlueTooth
    • LAN
    • USB-C


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  • Midnight

  • Midnight

  • Midnight side view

  • EV charging

  • Ivory

  • Ivory side view

  • Intergrated

  • Side view right frame

  • Rear with cover

  • Rear cover removed


The apollo  is the smallest terminal to date produced by Payter BV. It is his smal footptint that makes the apollo unique providing top of the line quality, security and vandil proofing in a smal package.


The Apollo is designed so that it can be mounted on three different ways, making it one of the most versitile terminals produced by Payter.  The included mounting plate makes it posible to build the terminal into a machine, from inside or outside the machine, all hardeware needed for this is included with the terminal. A third option that is made posible by apollo’s  smal form factor is to mount the terminal straight to a desired machine .

Technical Specification

what’s in the box

When prchusing the Apollo a few accesories are included besides the Apollo. The set includes a mounting frame and screws package, an antenna with 1.5 m cable for wireles capability, a power plug and front and back rubber gaskets to waterproof the terminals conection to your machine.


  • Mounting plate

  • Antenna, 1.5 m cable

  • power suply, 1.2 m cable

  • Front rubber gasket

  • Rear rubber gasket

One Platform Multiple Solutions