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Payter is a Global Payment Technology company head-quartered in Rotterdam providing diverse and innovative end-to-end payment solutions to the unattended markets. With deployments across the EU, UK and North America, Payter is scaling at a rapid rate and is fast becoming one of the market leaders in this space.

With the largest pilot in Europe in the field of contactless and mobile payment, Payter obtained instant fame and recognition in 2007.

Our portfolio of solutions is focussed on the unattended market driving user experience, innovation and technology. Payter offers an unique payment platform, combining payments, with closed loop cards, loyalty and telemetry.

Payter Core Values

High Quality for the Right Price

Customer focused: Great Service and Expertise

Compliant with International Standards, EMV Certified

Great design

User Friendly (intuitive use) for all users (retailers and customers)

Future-proof & Multifunctional & Easy to integrate

In House Development

A team of highly skilled, innovative developers guarantee state-of- the-art products, customized to the various markets in which Payter operates. The unique combination of all disciplines of product development under one roof: Hardware, Software and Mechanical, allows Payter to tailor products and solutions to the market needs with a very short time- to-market. The Payter security experts ensure safe, reliable and future- oriented solutions compliant with the highest standards.

An efficient production process combined with years of experience in producing sophisticated technical products ensures an optimum price-quality ratio. Our goal is to provide quality products and services against minimal investment which outperform the competition in terms of design, cost price and features and meet all relevant agency approvals.


Connecting the Virtual and Physical World

The Payter products connect the Virtual world of  Payment, loyalty, identification to the Physical world of Vending, EV-Charging, Parking, Transit and more.

We aim to provide added value to the Merchant and user while  providing Freedom of choice for both. Solutions that fit your needs, market and environment. Enabling merchants to focus on their core business, while we enable your customer the convenience and flexibility to pay any way they want

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